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Sinopsis de Good grief!:

When Kelly Andersons best friends were murdered on a vacation to Mexico, it rocked her world, and forever changed her life. After graduating in Psychology from college, Kelly has made it her goal to help other people deal with tragedy in order to move on with their lives. As a Grief Counselor who works directly with the police department, her current case concerns a little 8 year old girl named Angelita, who is so traumatized by her 11 year old brothers death, that she cannot talk. She could be a potential eyewitness for the crime, however, and that puts her in great danger. Kelly becomes embroiled in an international murder/smuggling/kidnapping crime spree, all for diamonds, that takes her to Lima Peru, and brings together a Latin family that no one knew existed.Mike Torres, the lead detective on this case, follows Kelly to South America. His head tells him its just business, but his heart has other ideas. He just cant seem to resist this beautiful blonde clumsy tornado that has whirled into his life and heart. Things come to a climax in a shootout that pits Father against son, and gives a Grandfather a whole new family he knew nothing about.A story about how pain and grief are part of our world, but with help of family and friends and a good sense of humor, they do not have to define our life. Kelly finds love and new purpose in her life. Young Angelita finds love and a new family, while Luis Oliveri is stripped of everything that he thought made life worth living, his wealth, fame, and his business empire. There is, of course, no one to blame but Kelly Anderson, and his sole purpose in life becomes the destruction of Kelly and all of the things that are important to her. Revenge can turn a mans soul to darkness and his heart as black as the night. Informacion sobre este autor no puede ser observado o incluso eliminado dentro del Con el publicador. Considerando adicionales libros electronicos de formacion Con el JULIE AHLSTROM. Ahi estabamos Capaces de Adquirir la mayoria de casi todos de iformatsii Usted para satisfacer sus necesidades. Destinado a escritores de copias: pagina web Este sitio no va incluir publico acceso la actual guias en nuestro paginas de Internet unicamente introductoria el libro de la hembra. si usted siente que cree que sitio web sitio Es realmente infractor, por favor, asegurese de que usted debe correo electronico las personas sobre esto problema con verdaderamente el escritor De estos libros electronicos, vamos a rapidamente sacar paginas web De nuestro en nuestro sitio web

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