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ABOUT "OUR LEGACY OF LOVE:"Are you married- engaged- or in a long-term relationship? Have you experienced fantastic highsand stressful lows with your spouse or children? Many of us have encountered communication breakdowns. Over a fifty-year period, the Koehlers experienced the gamut: financial hardships- career challenges- the teenage years- "at-risk" foster kids- resident in-laws- numerous cross-country moves and other unanticipated adventures. Peggy describes these challenges as Red Sea encounters - "Where the waters begin to rise before weve made it to shore." Ken andPeggy share their survival secrets which include faith in God, prayer, and an abundance of love and laughter. Peggy says the key in any relationship is to never lose your sense of humor - at least at the same time.Our Legacy of Love introduces Peggy and Ken, two extra-ordinary people from diverse backgrounds, who fell in love- married and somehow managed to not only survive the Lions Den ordeals, better known as the teenage years, but become strengthened and more in love as a result. In this touching and often humorous memoir, they inspire all of us with their stories of devotion, tolerance, faith, and triumph. Most couples would have thrown in the towel years before, but as Peggy wrote, "We had no choice but to make our marriage work. We couldnt afford to do otherwise. Failure was not an option."Though written following Kens passing in 2004 - eleven weeks after celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Legacy includes Kens own words via the heartfelt love letters written to his beloved wife and the anecdotes he penned under his "Kenfetti" byline, a column published by a Southern California newspaper. Subsequent to Kens death, Peggy received hundreds of letters from those whose lives had been touched by this couple. This one from her daughters best friend sums up the Koehlers influence on those dear ones that crossed their path:"I wanted to write something special about Ken. Mas informacion sobre este escritor no puede ser observado or erradicado dentro del en el escritor. interesantes adicionales libros electronicos de formacion a causa de la PEGGY KOEHLERKEN KOEHLER. Nosotros estabamos Capaces de Obtener La mayor parte de casi todos de iformatsii Usted para si mismo. Con respecto a creadores de estos estudios: pagina web Este sitio no incluir abierto acceso su guias en nuestro paginas web solo preliminar Informacion sobre los. Si usted siente que cree que nuestro sitio web es sin duda infractor, por favor, recuerde escribir a los estados unidos sobre el problema con en realidad el creador de ellos publicaciones, vamos a inmediatamente eliminar paginas De nuestro de sitio

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Gracias tan mucho !! !!




Me permite ser relevante para un momento: Oh, Dios mío, este libro es excepcional !!


tengo empecé a leer este libro y estoy en la página 123 de la misma.


Hola, en dónde puedo comprar el libro de Cómo desenamorarse, de Chinquinquirá, pues mi psicologa me lo recomendó, pero lo busqué en la panamericana y hace dos años no se agotó. Gracias.

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