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Sinopsis de Small changes:

Two unforgettable women see their lives change in unimaginable ways in this captivating novel spanning the explosion of feminism in the 1960s Growing up, Beth always dreamed of her wedding day. But a few months into her marriage to Jim, whose affection she once clung to desperately, she realizes she didnt anticipate life beyond the altar. Jim spends his nights out drinking with his buddies and criticizes every meal Beth cooks, and the only solution her family suggests is to have a baby-which she knows would trap her in this miserable life forever. So she takes matters into her own hands and flees to Boston. There she meets Miriam, an ambitious computer science PhD candidate who nonetheless gives up her career for an unfulfilling marriage. Alongside a cast of intellectuals, budding feminists, and political activists, Beth and Miriam find themselves rapidly evolving as they are swept up in the tumultuous social upheaval of the sixties. Experimenting with relationships and sexuality, and taking a stand for womens rights and against the Vietnam War, they learn to trust their instincts and lean on each other. Small Changes is a glimmering example of bestselling author Marge Piercys knack for capturing the authentic struggles and desires of contemporary women with clarity and compassion. Informacion sobre este escritor no puede descubierto o incluso sido en el Con el escritor. Puede ser entusiastas otros libros por MARGE PIERCY. Nosotros estabamos Capaces de Acumular la mayoria de casi todos de iformatsii Usted en su caso. Con respecto creadores: nuestro sitio web no va incluir publico obtenga acceso a su propia libros en nuestro Paginas unicamente apertura detalles de informacion sobre. si usted siente que cree que nuestro sitio web normalmente es infractor, por favor, asegurese de que usted necesita escribir a Nosotros todos sobre el problema con el real autor de ellos publicaciones, vamos a instantaneamente eliminar paginas De nuestro de pagina web

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Ya está mi voto. Muy agradecida al blog, que proporciona literatura tan diversa, tanto como para mis momentos de ocio, como material de estudio para mis hijos universitarios. Un abrazo.


honestamente puedo decir que fue una de las mejores cosas que jamás haya leer


que no tengo suficientes cosas buenas a decir de este libro. Fue fantastico!


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